Your Sensitivity


Empaths and HSP are sensitive individuals who face many daily challenges because of the way they perceive energy, emotions, and non-verbal information contained in their environment. They also are deeply intuitive. When I use the word energy it is referring to the energetic vibration being emitted. This vibration contains information, which you might perceive as emotion, or may have information that you know intuitively without being able to identify the source. You know but can’t explain why or how you know.

This page is a storehouse of my own working theories, and also my understanding of the information I’ve gleaned from others. Though you may see me refer mainly to empaths it also includes HSP as well. There is a fine line that separates the two, and I suspect down the road it will be proven that it’s really the same thing and the only difference is the intensity. According to writer and psychotherapist Elaine Aron, about 20% of the population is HSP, further she explains that being so was a desirable trait during mankind’s very early history.  

During hunter/gatherer times this attribute allowed us to be an early warning detection system, helping us survive harsh environments where predators were numerous. She has also done studies that appear to suggest that HSP have lower serotonin levels. This ties in with your ability to detect subtle change and fluctuations in your environment and also explains why many of us suffer periods of depression. Science is slowly catching up and validating our experiences.