What’s Your Purpose?


The essential purpose of life is not what you do, but rather what you are—your state of consciousness.


While the inner purpose is to awaken, the outer purpose can vary and is most fulfilling when aligned with the inner. Even when one has noble intent, if their outer (secondary) purpose doesn’t align with their inner (primary) purpose, it is of the ego.

Looking at what one is doing in the exact moment as their purpose is incredibly empowering, as it gives meaning to everything one does.

While your inner purpose is to negate time, your outer purpose involves the future (but that is secondary). Anxiety and stress occur when you give priority to your secondary purpose, failing to realize that consciousness is primary.

Achieving greatness (a fantasy of the ego) usually only occurs when one transcends the ego, allowing the power of presence to work through you.

In giving anyone you encounter your full attention, priority is given to being Present, and whatever the reason for the interaction becomes secondary.

Recognition and prosperity are usually by-products of success. You cannot become successful, but you can be successful. There is always only the step you are taking right now—so give it the entirety of your attention. In getting caught up entirely in thoughts, one seeks pleasure or pain as substitutes for Being. In the words of Tacitus, the Roman philosopher, “the desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise.”

When one awakens, there’s less of a need for safety. Through intuition, this new Presence gives some the courage to leave working or living situations that don’t align with the inner purpose.

When one allows the totality of life to work through them, they become aware of the universal intelligence that unites all, which seems separate if we only trust our sensual perceptions and compulsive thinking. In connecting with the whole, beneficial occurrences, encounters, and ‘coincidences’ happen much more often. This synchronicity is the result of underlying intelligence, which we cannot entirely understand. It is not only our purpose, but our destiny to become attuned to living in conscious oneness with all that is.” (1)


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