This piece will be a gift for someone very special to me. Last year was rough for her starting out limited, with feelings of confinement. She persevered, and surrendered control, it wasn’t something she could control, the key was acceptance of what she couldn’t change. She embraced what “was”, and most amazing thing happened…. like the butterfly the transition period transformed her. She is stronger, more courageous and just plain beautiful. May we all be transformed in comfort, ease and grace.

I’m using wood, and applied a walnut stain. I let this sit and dry and decided to try something new. I would usually draw my design on tracing paper then transfer to the piece using carbon paper. This time I used a stamp! We will see how the next stage, which is engraving the wood, goes using this method.


Scrolled and waiting for paint


Engraved, acrylic paint & gold leaf