Tips and Tools: Intimacy


Sustaining Intimacy: It can be a real challenge to be in a relationship. Now add empath to the equation! There are times when you really want to deeply connect (mind, body, spirit) and others when you feel like screaming because you need space to breathe. You are a natural at giving but how are you at receiving? Balance and proper reciprocity are skills you’ll have to hone.

So what’s the return policy on being an empath? Alas there is none.

It’s not something to get rid of. It’s something you must embrace because it is an integral part of being you. You must become flexible, comfortable with change and know how to flow with your experience not against. Learning about yourself, how you are wired and how to assess and adjust your responses to what you are perceiving will help you achieve balance. Part of this will be developing a daily practice that will strengthen your empathic muscles and give you a sort of reset button.

Be a leaf in the wind:¬†Understand that the energy you are experiencing is temporary. Don’t claim it rather let it be, observe it allow it to flow through you and release it. Just like a breeze through a tree branch might rustle the leaves a bit before passing to the other side.