The Awakening of Awareness


Why are you an empath or hsp? Science is establishing that there is a difference in our wiring, validating many of your experiences. What is the purpose of your difference, your ability?

If you ever watched Wild Kingdom you are probably familiar with the video clip of the herd of antelopes grazing in the African tundra, when one suddenly raises its head and becomes still. It is sensing, assessing and it picks up the presence of the leopard in the tall grass who is waiting for the right moment to attack. That one antelope senses it, and alerts the herd, and they run towards safety. You’re that one antelope.

You are wired to pick up the subtleties in environment, from others and the collective unconsciousness. You flow out of your container energetically and assess, feel, know. You are raising the alarm and helping others become aware. “Evolutionary leaps occur when a species is faced with insurmountable problems.

Due to our egoic mind we are now threatening the survival of the planet. In transcending thought and the incessant ramblings of ego, and the incessant ramblings of ego, many now realize the stark choice: evolve or perish.” (1)

Our task is twofold: Awaken and support others as they awaken. What is awakening exactly? The awareness that ego or form (false self) is not consciousness or formlessness (true self). You operate in a physical world as a physical being. You fill this existence with a mental construct. Which is to say you create it with your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and emotions.

Just as an actor takes the stage in costume, you have been born into a physical world expressed as yourself (which is your costume) in order to expand and grow. The ego helps you out here by labeling and naming… so you can operate and experience. It is meant to be your tool but has become your master, because in all this naming you became distracted by the world, and forgot the truth, you are not this body, this mind, this person, but rather you are an actor on a stage (this incarnation) to enjoy the role but not become the role.

“The ego will continually trick you into identifying with it unless you recognize it and understand its basic mechanics. The recognition of the unconsciousness of the egoic mind is one to awakening.” (1)

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