Tips and Tools: Attraction


Being conscious of what lies underneath every feeling will illuminate why you are attracting every relationship and situation into your life. What does experiencing that emotion give or attract for you? Is it something you really want? Are you ready to rewrite a belief system?

Like attracts like!

Are you ready to let go of fear to experience happiness? The fastest way to shift into a higher vibrational frequency is to first admit to the feeling, acknowledge it without judgment. Then embrace and explore it. That means no emotion stuffing you must face it and travel through it.  What is behind it? Is it a self-worth or apathy issue for example? Why are you holding that? What’s the payoff? Are you letting yourself off the hook somehow by holding that vibration? You feel okay about not stretching beyond your comfort level and extending yourself towards another goal?

If you did you would shift into the higher vibration of courage!