Tips and Tools: Astrology


Using astrology as a road sign for what’s up energetically:

Empaths have heightened sensitivity to energy.  You take sensory perception and respond in some way.

Energy flows through everything, like the force in Star Wars.  All things are made of energy. The form something physically takes is dependent on its rate of vibration. Similarly there are emotional energy vibrations. You relate or react to an energetic vibration depending on whether you are vibrating from a lower or higher vibration (chakra energy and its archetypes). How does astrology fit in? What information does astrology have to offer you? What experiences are you attracting?

Think of it this way: we are all connected and here having an individual experience.  What is inside is also projected outside. As above, so below…. Astrology can act as a mirror showing you the bigger picture, the macro-vision. A really good astrologer will tell you how the planets are moving and what themes are being triggered. Themes because the planets are archetypal, actors on a universal stage. It sets the tone or mood, does that mean you respond by reacting to it? 

Micro-vision is how you and your individual experience are developing. Do you need to be triggered? Are you needing to learn or have a particular experience for your growth and evolution? If you have mastered, or simply don’t need an experience then life will unfold and you will observe without participating. If you need it, then the planets will offer you a framework of opportunities.

Astrology is a tool for your empathic toolbox.  It is not a daily prediction of fortune, some sort of mandate that you are shackled with. Rather, it acts as a thermostat measuring the collective us and the individual you. Look at it as your energetic weather report.  Do you need an umbrella today?