Thinking & Emotion


When you are an empath you may pick up energetically (thought or emotion) your 3d experience of your environment. Imagine this, everyone else has well defined edges surrounding them. You do not, instead you flow in and out of your container. When you do that you might pick up feelings or thoughts that are not yours.

Being unaware that you have done this, as you notice them you claim them as belonging to you, though in reality they do not. As soon as you claim them guess what! Yep, they become part of you until you cast them out. Using some simple questions, and assessing the answers will help you discard what isn’t yours. Whether your thoughts and beliefs originated with you or you picked them up, you need some skill to re-define yourself. Who you are, what you think and believe, which in turn influences how you feel.

Ask Yourself:

What am I feeling?
What was I thinking as I felt this?
Does the thought match the feeling?
Did I feel this emotion yet not have thoughts that contributed? (did it come out of the blue?)