Tarot For June


Tower, Ace of Wands, Ace of Pentacles

This month I’m using the Hidden Waters Tarot. It’s a beautiful self-published deck which combines my two loves… tarot with something akin to the Rorschac inkblot (psychology). It truly calls you to look deeply and feel the cards, pay attention to what rises from your subconscious whether it’s an image, feeling or word it will give you fuel for introspection.

tarot june1

Our first card is the tower, which is a major arcana card. Whenever we pull a major arcana it’s like putting 4 exclamation points at the end of a sentence. This first card gives us our theme for the month. The tower image feels like chaos,designed to crumble what ever isn’t working or doesn’t support us. Why this cosmic Kick in the arse? Because we didn’t pay attention to the gentle subtle suggestions we have been given… time’s up! universe is now swooping in to give you what you need, right in your face. Look for dramatic sudden shifts to make you progress forward in areas needing your attention. If you resist and try to hold on to old patterns, old thinking you will prolong this energy and increase stress. Rip the band aid off and get on with it!

tarot june2

Our second card is the ace of wands. It’s position tells us what energy is coming towards us as a result of the tower card. This ace is like striking a match in the darkness. We get illumination, and a big spark of creative energy. Pay attention to what you are inspired to do and take action. Finally from the chaos and destruction of the tower the palette has been cleared and we are inspired to create…. art, maybe a new project, or take a different direction, step out of your routine. Don’t over think it, relax… let the muse come, then act.

tarot june 3

The third card acts as a bridge between the first and second cards. How are we going to get from point A to point B? Here’s a little suggestion from the ace of pentacles… Tune in to whats around you. Doing so will offer an opportunity for prosperity. You will find new support, new structure which will really give you the strong foundations you need for well being. The old foundations that the tower represented are gone making the space for something stronger and better to come in. So tune in to your surroundings, you are being offered a new perspective, new supports which will enable you to grow this seed of potential into something BIG.

Diving Deep For A Pearl…
Look within and ask:

Tower Card- In the past have you experienced a big unexpected change? How did you react? How can you stay in balance at such times? If You were hurling a lightening bolt, who or what would it be at? What change do you fear most?



Intuition & Nature
Spend some time outdoors, soak in the sun and listen to nature. Let your intuition tune in and hear as

Nature speaks…
The trees talk
The animals communicate
rocks and crystals vibrate and connect in frequency


The Chakra Connection
Chakras are our energy centers. They serve as doorways between our mind, body and spirit. They support us by containing and emitting our energy frequencies based on how we feel and what we think and believe. We can work with our chakras to process our external environment and help us move forward when we are going through transitions. Working with a particular chakra we can examine our beliefs, clear out the ones that don’t serve us and realign with thoughts and beliefs that do. This supports our physical, mental and emotional well being.