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Emotional Frequencies


What are the most common vibrations and their corresponding frequencies?
This is a scale of emotions which is presented in Dr. David Hawkins books Letting Go and Power vs. Force.

Higher, positive frequencies:

  • Peace (600)
  • Joy (540)
  • Love (500)
  • Reason (400)
  • Acceptance (350)
  • Willingness (310)
  • Neutrality (250)
  • Courage (200)

Lower, negative frequencies:

  • Pride (175)
  • Anger (150)
  • Desire (125)
  • Fear (100)
  • Grief (75)
  • Apathy (50)
  • Guilt (30)
  • Shame (20)


The scale of emotions also correlates with the chakra system.

Using both you can get more specific on the details of each emotion and how you are projecting them through your energy centers and into the world surrounding you. It is in this way you draw people and situations into your life. Creating your reality to validate what you are feeling, thinking and believing and choosing to experience.

Tips and Tools: Traits of an Empath


Psychotherapist Elaine Aron came up with the description of DOES. Here are some traits of an Empath or HSP:

[ D ] for depth of processing, meaning you tend to observe and reflect before taking action.

[ O ] is for becoming easily overstimulated, because you are aware and processing everything whether you do so consciously or subconsciously.

[ E ] is for emotional reactions and for the deep emotional relating you do.

[ S ] is for sensitivity to all the subtleties that surround you. Sensory processing sensitivity is the scientific name Elaine Aron coined (more info www.hsperson.com).  The following traits have been identified by Dr. Judith Orloff.

  • Have you been described as too emotional or sensitive?
  • When others experience negative emotion do you soak it up?
  • Do you find yourself drained by others?
  • Is being in crowed places uncomfortable?
  • Do you become overwhelmed by noise, smells or excessive talking?
  • Do you self soothe, using comfort food or substances?
  • Are relationships difficult to maintain because you feel completely absorbed by them?

    Tips and Tools: Emotion & Form


    The universe of form is what appears outside and separate from you. You are spirit who has manifested a body from which to experience individuality.

    The truth however is that everything is not separate from you, but is an extension of feelings, thoughts and beliefs. When you come into form you are still connected with Divine Mind (God) experienced as higher self and are also given tools for human existence. These tools are conscious mind and ego mind.

    Conscious mind extends itself and manifests higher vibrational frequencies creating positive experiences.

    Ego mind takes your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs and projects them into the world to validate and create your experience.

    Everything comes into form through vibration and each feeling has a frequency and vibrational rate. Thoughts and beliefs mold it accordingly.

    Balance between conscious mind and ego mind is critical. Without it you are not mindfully creating but are creating unconsciously which leads to chaos and suffering.

    Tips and Tools: Breaking Free


    Breaking free is the answer but how is that achieved? “When you feel the pain-body, (yours, their’s or the collectives’s) the awareness of knowing it needs to be followed by accepting it. Only then will its hold on you dissipate as your true nature of wholeness emerges.” (1) But what if it’s not yours but another person’s or the collectives’, how can you process through that?

    Know thyself, in other words awaken to the stories you’ve created. The emotional wounds you’ve experienced, accept them and be at peace with them. Realize they are not you. You are Consciousness, Life itself filling up this character actor. You experienced them for learning, but it’s not you. Can you let go? Release … put the ego mind, which is telling you this is who you are, in its place. It is but a play, you are playing the part but are not the character. “Knowing thyself is a result of awareness of Being, as opposed to lost in thoughts and emotions. Once you become aware of the ego in you, you realize who you are not, which is the greatest obstacle to truly knowing yourself. Some confuse knowing a great deal about themselves with knowing their true Being. When one says “my life,” they are referring to the content and mental construct, not the primary truth of you, consciousness.”(1).

    The collective pain body aka baggage, is huge. When you encounter be aware of this it’s not you, so don’t claim it. Be still, be in the moment and embody the Presence. This too shall pass….. This too will pass, can serve as a constant reminder when experiencing situations that all is temporary which leads to non resistance, non judgment, and non attachment. This is true freedom and enlightenment.

    While still honoring the things of this world, not as much importance is given to them. “Nonresistance serves as the greatest power we can use against the imprisonment of form. In recognizing that form is not the absolute reality, the seriousness and heaviness of life dissolve. When we become conscious within the dream of life, drama ends as it becomes benign and wondrous.” (1). This is the higher order and what you growing towards.
    Action step: The Breath

    • “By providing gaps between thoughts, even if just seconds long, one creates inner space bringing you back to your true Being. The awareness of breathing (as often as possible) takes attention away from the stream of thought. This awareness requires complete presence, which is the key to both inner space and transformation: cessation of thought without loss of consciousness. Consciousness of stillness connects us to the formless and timeless essence of our true selves.
    • What are addictions?  An addiction is an energy field that periodically completely takes one over. When the addiction begins talking, taking conscious breaths can help to disregard it.
    • Limiting television viewing, avoid violence and content that serves to separate and label aka negativity, to what you want to see, and mute the commercials
    • Be still, seeing the present moment as your friend is the ultimate dissolution of ego, which can never align with the present. The ego views the present as a means to an end, an obstacle, or an enemy. If one thinks of the present as an enemy, it will be.”(1)

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    Tips and Tools: Boundaries & Self


    Boundaries: Because your energy rushes forward to do the energetic handshake with others, boundaries can be tricky. Where do you stop and someone else start?

    It’s fuzzy because of how you connect. That means cognitively it’s difficult as well. Because you are perceiving others differently than the majority of the population.

    Knowing Self: Sense you spend so much time experiencing the subtleties around you, you spend more time out than in your body.

    Taking time to center and be fully in your own body, in your own thoughts is important. This is a big piece that will be needed to establish boundaries.

    Tips and Tools: System Overload


    Emotional Sponge: You absorb the negative emotion of people around you.

    This happens everywhere at the office, grocery store, bank, if other people are around then presto! There is a reason behind which person you connect with and absorb.  This has to do with the energy signature you are both holding.

    System Overload: Since you are wired to notice everything, you can only experience so much before overwhelm happens.

    The key with this is to build up muscle (tolerance) then because you are relating differently, you become more aware of the level of sensory overload, so you can take a time out to release and recharge yourself.

    Fuck It, Shielding Doesn’t Work


    Why Shielding doesn’t work:
    Many people use shielding to ease the bombardment of information and emotions coming towards them. Shielding has limited effectiveness. Why? While it is a tool often promoted for use in overwhelm, you cannot shield 24/7. It’s arguable that the original intent behind shielding methods was to give a someone in overwhelm a sense of control.

    You might feel you can disconnect or buffer yourself through shielding which hopefully will lower your anxiety level and overwhelm, but at best it’s temporary.

    The other part of shielding that is often omitted is to learn how to manage and flow with the experience rather than be in resistance, which is the root of overwhelm. Learning how to center and ground in your own body and to draw your energy back in is another skill which needs to be developed. That is why understanding your wiring and how to manage is so critical.

    Tips and Tools: Being an Empath


    An empath/HSP is able to sense energy vibrations that emanate from other people, animals and locations. You are an empath.

    Everyone is born with this ability. If you look at babies and their mothers it’s easily observed. The baby has no speech, yet it is able to communicate its needs to mom. I’m not referring to cries, but those times when mom just picks up on the infant’s needs. How exactly does that work?

    Empaths/HSP are receivers, meaning they perceive and tune into energy vibrations.

    Energy vibrations hold information. When you tune into that information it’s absorbed in varying degrees. You can also send energy. That is what makes you a great: energy worker, healer and sympathetic listener. You exude comfort, and others feel you to be a safety zone. Have you noticed that animals seem to seek you out to share your space? Perhaps you found that strangers seem to tell you their deepest most personal troubles? Have you visited a location, maybe on vacation when you sensed emotion? Lots of locations where battles were fought or other deep emotions were felt leave an imprint on the surroundings. You can sense it.