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                       The Awakening of Awareness


Why are you an empath or hsp? Science is establishing that there is a difference in our wiring, validating many of your experiences. What is the purpose of your difference, your ability?

If you ever watched Wild Kingdom you are probably familiar with the video clip of the herd of antelopes grazing in the African tundra, when one suddenly raises its head and becomes still. It is sensing, assessing and it picks up the presence of the leopard in the tall grass who is waiting for the right moment to attack. That one antelope senses it, and alerts the herd, and they run towards safety. You’re that one antelope.

You are wired to pick up the subtleties in environment, from others and the collective unconsciousness. You flow out of your container energetically and assess, feel, know. You are raising the alarm and helping others become aware. “Evolutionary leaps occur when a species is faced with insurmountable problems.

Due to our egoic mind we are now threatening the survival of the planet. In transcending thought and the incessant ramblings of ego, and the incessant ramblings of ego, many now realize the stark choice: evolve or perish.” (1)

Our task is twofold: Awaken and support others as they awaken. What is awakening exactly? The awareness that ego or form (false self) is not consciousness or formlessness (true self). You operate in a physical world as a physical being. You fill this existence with a mental construct. Which is to say you create it with your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and emotions.

Just as an actor takes the stage in costume, you have been born into a physical world expressed as yourself (which is your costume) in order to expand and grow. The ego helps you out here by labeling and naming… so you can operate and experience. It is meant to be your tool but has become your master, because in all this naming you became distracted by the world, and forgot the truth, you are not this body, this mind, this person, but rather you are an actor on a stage (this incarnation) to enjoy the role but not become the role.

“The ego will continually trick you into identifying with it unless you recognize it and understand its basic mechanics. The recognition of the unconsciousness of the egoic mind is one to awakening.” (1)

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“Humanity was created to manifest consciousness in the physical, form-based world. Consciousness created the brain—not the other way around. One cannot lose consciousness because one is consciousness. We are in the middle of an evolution of our consciousness, where we can now create form without becoming identified with it. Consciousness flows through us into the world through the practice of alert awareness.” (1)

You are consciousness, you are life, and this is the truth of who you are. Be still, be present in the moment and rest in Being, void of thought, this is you. You awake in the morning, and before that first thought or that first sensation, that is your essence. However you are here in this physical world, which means you are in a body with a mind that has ego installed. What you do here, the roles you play, the job you choose, how you operate is secondary, it is your expanding or doing. Two states, Being (primary self) and doing (secondary self).

“The Three Modalities of Awakened Doing: acceptance (doing the task without resistance), enjoyment (aligning and flowing), enthusiasm (enjoyment with intensity).” (1) Presence is that state of stillness, it is the Being who is fully in the moment. “Once an individual develops a particular degree of Presence, the consciousness of all life-forms can be sensed. This global spiritual awakening is what we are now witnessing: a profound shift in planetary consciousness.” (1)

That sounds good, doesn’t it? Yet you and I are empaths, highly sensitive individuals who flow easily out and connect with the environment, other people, animals, and that biggie the collective. How does that affect you? “When negative emotions are not identified in the moment they arise, they leave pain. Without a fully conscious present adult, children are usually unable to cope with them, leaving defense mechanisms in place to adulthood. This pain-body exists in both individuals and collectives.” (1) Then there are triggers: “Some pain-bodies lie dormant until a specific situation arises that resonates with the past. When you recognize your personal triggers, arises that resonates with the past. When you recognize your personal triggers, you can know to be particularly aware of your emotional reaction when they arise so you don’t identify with it.” (1)

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Do You Have A Gift?



Sensitive people have many gifts to share with others and sometimes they may be quite special.

Deep connection with others. The ability to energetically perceive the subtle changes in emotions of other people, animals or the emotional imprint left in an environment.

Telepathy: Because sensitives are so in tune with other people’s energy sometimes they experience telepathy. Not like the character Sookie Stackhouse from the True Blood series. A common example would be sitting with another person and having a thought pop in. Maybe it’s, hey I suddenly have a craving for Chinese food and the other person says me too! I’ve been thinking about that for the last 20 minutes. That is being a telepathic receiver. It’s also possible to be a sender. Perhaps you have been thinking intently about something all day, and person after person comes near you and blurts out the same thought. That is sending thought. Another aspect of this telepathy concept is the collective unconsciousness. With this the key concept is that we are all connected and therefore in an unconscious manner are able to pick up information. This might be experienced as feeling something is going to happen in the community/world and later seeing it on the news.

Healing: Energetic healing is another gift. Sensitives are such good connectors, perceiving others energy, feelings etc. That they make excellent conductors. It is possible for an sensitive to channel energy and transfer it to another person. Caution is required however. Training is important of course and also a healer must work with self before trying to help another. There are unintended consequences without this. Energy healing may come naturally but it is a skill that must be developed through understanding how energy works and a honed awareness of self and the energy/wounding the healer carries.

Synesthesia: “Synesthesia (also spelled synesthesia or synesthesia, from the ancient Greek σύν [syn], “together”, and αἴσθησις [aisthēsis], “sensation” is a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway.”

Mirror-touch Synesthesia: “This is a rare form of synesthesia where individuals literally feel the same sensation that another person feels (such as touch). For instance, when such a synesthete observes someone being tapped on their shoulder, they synesthete involuntarily feels a tap on their own shoulder as well. People with this type of synesthesia have been shown to have higher empathy levels compared to the general population. This may be related to the so-called mirror neurons present in the motor areas of the brain, which have also been linked to empathy.”

When someone comes into the presence of an sensitive, the sensitive may pick up physical symptoms. Example they answer the door, and immediately feel chest constriction out of the blue, only to discover that their visitor has emphysema.

Gifts that come with the wrapping of “sensitive” can be wonderful but challenging. Learn to manage and accept the gift, rather than feeling overwhelmed and wishing there was an exchange policy, lol!


What’s Your Purpose?


The essential purpose of life is not what you do, but rather what you are—your state of consciousness.


While the inner purpose is to awaken, the outer purpose can vary and is most fulfilling when aligned with the inner. Even when one has noble intent, if their outer (secondary) purpose doesn’t align with their inner (primary) purpose, it is of the ego.

Looking at what one is doing in the exact moment as their purpose is incredibly empowering, as it gives meaning to everything one does.

While your inner purpose is to negate time, your outer purpose involves the future (but that is secondary). Anxiety and stress occur when you give priority to your secondary purpose, failing to realize that consciousness is primary.

Achieving greatness (a fantasy of the ego) usually only occurs when one transcends the ego, allowing the power of presence to work through you.

In giving anyone you encounter your full attention, priority is given to being Present, and whatever the reason for the interaction becomes secondary.

Recognition and prosperity are usually by-products of success. You cannot become successful, but you can be successful. There is always only the step you are taking right now—so give it the entirety of your attention. In getting caught up entirely in thoughts, one seeks pleasure or pain as substitutes for Being. In the words of Tacitus, the Roman philosopher, “the desire for safety stands against every great and noble enterprise.”

When one awakens, there’s less of a need for safety. Through intuition, this new Presence gives some the courage to leave working or living situations that don’t align with the inner purpose.

When one allows the totality of life to work through them, they become aware of the universal intelligence that unites all, which seems separate if we only trust our sensual perceptions and compulsive thinking. In connecting with the whole, beneficial occurrences, encounters, and ‘coincidences’ happen much more often. This synchronicity is the result of underlying intelligence, which we cannot entirely understand. It is not only our purpose, but our destiny to become attuned to living in conscious oneness with all that is.” (1)


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Dealing With Over-Stimulation


Develop a plan to help you deal with over-stimulation and overwhelm. Step one is to acknowledge your overwhelm. Then try to re-frame the situation you are experiencing. Take a step back.

You can use a mantra or phrase that brings you back to center and gives you sense of peace. Acceptance of the situation (which doesn’t mean you’d go back and choose it) will allow you to flow with the experience rather than resistance, which brings even more anxiety.

Remember to love yourself, so often it is tempting to berate and criticize yourself for being weak or for not reacting in the ways others do.

You are wired this way, and you are perfect in your design. You can love yourself without loving the situation.

When you want to shift out of this state you can use these techniques: remove yourself physically, either leave the situation or take breaks. Closing your eyes to reduce some of the visual stimulation will help, take a walk outdoors if you can, use breathing exercises, wash your hands and visualize the stress leaving, a good ole salt soak in the tub is great, and drink plenty of water.

Boundaries are very important, make sure you set them and define them so others don’t cross them. You can be flexible but know your limits.

Sensitivity And Solar Flares


Do Solar Flares Affect Empaths and HSPs?

Science has been studying if there is a relationship between solar storms and the human biological system. Can solar flares affect the way you feel? They have already made the connection between solar storms and earthquake activity, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes and tornadoes. So perhaps then it affects humans as well, because you too have an electrical field which surrounds your body. What would it feel like? Symptoms would include feeling anxious, irritable, dizzy, lethargic, exhausted, and nauseous and some people might experience memory impairment (forgetful), heart palpitation, lower back pain and headaches.

Tips and Tools: Attraction


Being conscious of what lies underneath every feeling will illuminate why you are attracting every relationship and situation into your life. What does experiencing that emotion give or attract for you? Is it something you really want? Are you ready to rewrite a belief system?

Like attracts like!

Are you ready to let go of fear to experience happiness? The fastest way to shift into a higher vibrational frequency is to first admit to the feeling, acknowledge it without judgment. Then embrace and explore it. That means no emotion stuffing you must face it and travel through it.  What is behind it? Is it a self-worth or apathy issue for example? Why are you holding that? What’s the payoff? Are you letting yourself off the hook somehow by holding that vibration? You feel okay about not stretching beyond your comfort level and extending yourself towards another goal?

If you did you would shift into the higher vibration of courage!


Tips And Tools: Breathing


Take a deep breath, breathing in through the nose to the count of eight…filling your lungs and abdomen with air…exhale to the count of eight emptying both your abdomen and lungs of air…again, breathe in through your nose and out through your nose all to the count of eight…once more breathe in through the nose…exhale through your mouth.

Breathing exercise, two: How to Draw Energy from the Earth:

1. Find a comfortable spot on the front lawn, the bed, or living room couch.

2. Close your eyes. Relax. Breathe deeply into your belly and exhale fully several times.

3. Become aware of your physical body. Really get into it from your head down to your toes. Feel the soles of your feet grow roots let them grow towards the earth’s center until you reach the liquid pink energy of the earth. Now, shift your attention to the Earth. Let feelings of gratitude and respect for the Earth spirits well up; stretch these sensations down through all the layers of the Earth through your roots until you reach the Earth’s inner molten core.

4. Once you have reached the inner core of the Earth, feel all your fear, anxiety, and negativity drain down into the earth through your spinal column, beginning at the top and ending at the base of the spine. With your attention still focused at the base of the spine, begin to draw the pure, vital energy up from the Earth’s core. Feel it slowly rise up through the spine until it reaches the top. Once at the top it will flow as a fountain from your crown chakra rinsing your aura and energy fields free of any negative energy.

5. Bring down divine white light into your crown chakra: Visualize the white light coursing like a liquid through the crown chakra. Visualize white light coursing like a liquid through the third eye. Visualize white light coursing like a liquid through the throat chakra. Visualize white light coursing like a liquid through the heart chakra. Visualize white light coursing like a liquid through the solar plexus chakra. Visualize white light coursing like a liquid through the sacral chakra the sexual center. Visualize white light coursing like a liquid through the root chakra. Visualize your spiritual chakra centers as being a hollow infrastructure, then as each one fills up with liquid white light. Then see the white light expand until it creates a bubble of white light that encases you totally. The white light is Divine energy. It carries with it healing, sustenance and supportive energy


Thinking & Emotion


When you are an empath you may pick up energetically (thought or emotion) your 3d experience of your environment. Imagine this, everyone else has well defined edges surrounding them. You do not, instead you flow in and out of your container. When you do that you might pick up feelings or thoughts that are not yours.

Being unaware that you have done this, as you notice them you claim them as belonging to you, though in reality they do not. As soon as you claim them guess what! Yep, they become part of you until you cast them out. Using some simple questions, and assessing the answers will help you discard what isn’t yours. Whether your thoughts and beliefs originated with you or you picked them up, you need some skill to re-define yourself. Who you are, what you think and believe, which in turn influences how you feel.

Ask Yourself:

What am I feeling?
What was I thinking as I felt this?
Does the thought match the feeling?
Did I feel this emotion yet not have thoughts that contributed? (did it come out of the blue?)

Your Sensitivity


Empaths and HSP are sensitive individuals who face many daily challenges because of the way they perceive energy, emotions, and non-verbal information contained in their environment. They also are deeply intuitive. When I use the word energy it is referring to the energetic vibration being emitted. This vibration contains information, which you might perceive as emotion, or may have information that you know intuitively without being able to identify the source. You know but can’t explain why or how you know.

This page is a storehouse of my own working theories, and also my understanding of the information I’ve gleaned from others. Though you may see me refer mainly to empaths it also includes HSP as well. There is a fine line that separates the two, and I suspect down the road it will be proven that it’s really the same thing and the only difference is the intensity. According to writer and psychotherapist Elaine Aron, about 20% of the population is HSP, further she explains that being so was a desirable trait during mankind’s very early history.  

During hunter/gatherer times this attribute allowed us to be an early warning detection system, helping us survive harsh environments where predators were numerous. She has also done studies that appear to suggest that HSP have lower serotonin levels. This ties in with your ability to detect subtle change and fluctuations in your environment and also explains why many of us suffer periods of depression. Science is slowly catching up and validating our experiences.

Tips and Tools: Astrology


Using astrology as a road sign for what’s up energetically:

Empaths have heightened sensitivity to energy.  You take sensory perception and respond in some way.

Energy flows through everything, like the force in Star Wars.  All things are made of energy. The form something physically takes is dependent on its rate of vibration. Similarly there are emotional energy vibrations. You relate or react to an energetic vibration depending on whether you are vibrating from a lower or higher vibration (chakra energy and its archetypes). How does astrology fit in? What information does astrology have to offer you? What experiences are you attracting?

Think of it this way: we are all connected and here having an individual experience.  What is inside is also projected outside. As above, so below…. Astrology can act as a mirror showing you the bigger picture, the macro-vision. A really good astrologer will tell you how the planets are moving and what themes are being triggered. Themes because the planets are archetypal, actors on a universal stage. It sets the tone or mood, does that mean you respond by reacting to it? 

Micro-vision is how you and your individual experience are developing. Do you need to be triggered? Are you needing to learn or have a particular experience for your growth and evolution? If you have mastered, or simply don’t need an experience then life will unfold and you will observe without participating. If you need it, then the planets will offer you a framework of opportunities.

Astrology is a tool for your empathic toolbox.  It is not a daily prediction of fortune, some sort of mandate that you are shackled with. Rather, it acts as a thermostat measuring the collective us and the individual you. Look at it as your energetic weather report.  Do you need an umbrella today? 

Tips and Tools: Intimacy


Sustaining Intimacy: It can be a real challenge to be in a relationship. Now add empath to the equation! There are times when you really want to deeply connect (mind, body, spirit) and others when you feel like screaming because you need space to breathe. You are a natural at giving but how are you at receiving? Balance and proper reciprocity are skills you’ll have to hone.

So what’s the return policy on being an empath? Alas there is none.

It’s not something to get rid of. It’s something you must embrace because it is an integral part of being you. You must become flexible, comfortable with change and know how to flow with your experience not against. Learning about yourself, how you are wired and how to assess and adjust your responses to what you are perceiving will help you achieve balance. Part of this will be developing a daily practice that will strengthen your empathic muscles and give you a sort of reset button.

Be a leaf in the wind: Understand that the energy you are experiencing is temporary. Don’t claim it rather let it be, observe it allow it to flow through you and release it. Just like a breeze through a tree branch might rustle the leaves a bit before passing to the other side.