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Return to Center

Return to Center

The idea behind an energetic reset is when life presents us with many challenges, negative experiences and situations it’s really a call to center and to rebalance. To continue out of balance sets off a domino effect, which might look like illness, bad luck or relationship problems. It’s like when the washing machine becomes unbalanced, the load is not in equal distribution. This motion of spinning while in this condition, results in progressively worsening imbalance until the washer is dancing out of position.

Everything that you do has a ripple effect and is felt by others.  It ripples out and is felt on an energetic level by everyone. What difference will you make in the world? On days when energy is low and you are struggling ask yourself, do I need to take time to re balance and come back to center? The act of pausing and being aware of your mood is the first step in changing your energetics. Sometimes you just have to express emotion in order to release. Find a friend to be a supportive listener. If one isn’t available perhaps a pet can substitute. Another technique that can be helpful is exercise. This can act as a reset by taking you out of your head and into your body.  If you are artistically inclined sketching, painting or any creative project will work. These techniques act as a bridge, taking you from one vibrational level and through a creative or physical activity it allows you to flow into another creating alignment.

Breathing exercises are great if you can’t take a break and only have a little time. Take a deep breath, breathing in through the nose to the count of four… filling your lungs and abdomen with air…exhale to the count of four emptying both your abdomen and lungs of air… again, breathe in through your nose and out through your nose all to the count of four… once more breathe in through the nose… exhale through your mouth.

You can also use bath salts, sugar scrubs and essential oils to rebalance and return to center. Here are some recipes for cleansing and grounding:

Basic sugar scrub:

1/2 cup olive oil

1 cup sugar

20 to 30 drops of quality essential oils. I recommend Young Living.

Use in tub or shower. Rub onto wet skin of arms, legs, torso, neck and shoulders. Breathe in the scent. Rinse off. Then pat dry. Caution, this can make the tub/shower slippery!

Basic bath soak:

2 cups sea salt

2 cups Epsom salt

4 cups baking soda

One cup per bath, after tub is full add 10 to 20 drops of the essential oils. Do not mix into the dry ingredients.

Relax and soak for at least 15 minutes. These recipes were given to me by Dara Tegtmeier who specializes in making organic products. You may contact her for more information on these recipes or other products at naturallybydarla@gmail.com

Lynn Zambrano advises and trains empaths all over the world to use their gifts to change their lives and the lives of others. You CAN feel better.

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Is There An Empathic Switch ?

Superhero Girl Flying

An emapth is able to sense energy vibrations that emanate from other people, animals and locations. You are an empath. Everyone is born with this ability. If you look at babies and their mothers it’s easily observed. The baby has no speech, yet it is able to communicate its needs to mom. I’m not referring to cries, but those times when mom just picks up on the infant’s needs. How exactly does that work?

Empaths are receivers, meaning they perceive and tune into energy vibrations. Energy vibrations hold information. When an empath tunes into that information it’s absorbed in varying degrees by the empath. Empaths can also send energy. That is what makes empaths great energy workers, healers and sympathetic listeners. You exude comfort, and others feel you to be a safety zone. Have you noticed that animals seem to seek you out to share your space? Perhaps you found that strangers seem to tell you their deepest most personal troubles? Have you visited a location, maybe on vacation when you sensed emotion? Lots of locations where battles were fought or other deep emotions were felt leave an imprint on the surroundings. You can sense it.

How is empathic ability different from the “clairs”? Empathic ability is at the core of every “Clair”. It’s the foundation for clairaudience, clairvoyance, Clair-cognizance. It is clairsentience, or clear feeling. It is your birth right. Everyone comes into the world with this ability. Some people always have it in its active form and others have it lying dormant. What flips the switch off? Look at babies again, at 2 they begin the process of individuation. The terrible twos are really a child beginning to experience separateness. By the age of 4 the child has a distinct personality and sense of self and relies less in perceiving energy from others and more on its thought process. It has begun to label and judge experiences, and is forming thought patterns and beliefs. Thus the switch naturally flipped off to allow the child to develop in this way. What about you? Some go through the developmental stages but the switch stays on. Usually that means that you can look at the family tree and find an ancestor sharing the same experience. It tends to be genetic.

Does that mean if the switch is off, or dormant it remains that way? Not necessarily, if it is dormant it can be re-activated. How does this happen? There are different ways this can happen. A trauma or deeply emotional experience can switch it back on as a defensive/survivor mechanism. You can also consciously choose to turn it back on. With a little knowledge and guidance you can gain awareness and re-learn to sense energy as an empath. Does it stop there?

You can grow and develop your abilities. The foundation of clairsentience gives you the building blocks to grow further as you wish. The only limits are the ones you set. You have more in your control than you realize. Can everybody develop into the other “Clair’s”? Theoretically yes…. what’s the no then? Sometimes developing a “Clair” maybe in direct opposition to a life lesson or mission of this lifetime. Generally speaking you can fully develop as you allow yourself. What does that mean? As with other issues you can only grow fully, if you are willing to stretch, grow and change thought patterns, and belief systems. Are you ready to stretch? Empaths power up! Let’s grow.

Star Struck?

signs and symptomss with the words Better Way

How to connect as an empath to your lucky stars

“Astrology: do we make a hullabaloo among the stars, or do they make a hullabaloo down here?”  ~Mason Cooley

Empaths have heightened sensitivity to energy.  You take sensory perception and respond in some way. Energy flows through everything, like the force in Star Wars.  All things are made of energy. The form something physically takes is dependent on its rate of vibration. Similarly there are emotional energy vibrations. You relate or react to an energetic vibration depending on whether you are vibrating from a lower or higher vibration (chakra energy and its archetypes). How does astrology fit in? What information does astrology have to offer you? What experiences are you attracting?

“Astrology is just a finger pointing at reality.”  ~Steven Forrest

Think of it this way: we are all connected and  here having an individual experience.  What is inside is also projected outside. As above, so below…. Astrology can act as a mirror showing you the bigger picture, the macro-vision. A really good astrologer will tell you how the planets are moving and what themes are being triggered. Themes because the planets are archetypal, actors on a universal stage. Each zodiac sign has an archetype that reflects a different developmental stage. Because of that, the lens from which you see the world, is colored. It sets the tone or mood, does that mean you respond by reacting to it? Do you become part of the play?

“The starry vault of heaven is in truth the open book of cosmic projection…” ~Carl Jung

Micro-vision is how you and your individual experience are developing. Do you need to be triggered? Are you needing to learn or have a particular experience for your growth and evolution? If you have mastered, or simply don’t need an experience then the play will unfold and you will observe without participating. If you need it, then the stage is yours and the planets will offer you a framework of lines. Here is the neat thing, you can ad-lib. You are always in control of how you respond.  Free will is an awesome thing!

“Astrology is like a deep ocean … anybody can get knowledge through going deeply in water and get some drops of nectar of this divine knowledge.”~ONKARLAL SHARMA PRMAD

Astrology is a tool for your empathic toolbox.  It is not a daily prediction of fortune, some sort of mandate that you are shackled with. Rather, it acts as a thermostat measuring the collective us and the individual you. Look at it as your energetic weather report.  Do you need an umbrella today? If you find yourself on stage, then with awareness choose your lines. You have been gifted with a starring role and opportunity to self- reflect, grow and evolve…..if you choose. Give a stellar performance!

Choosing an astrologer is like choosing a trusted advisor, do so with discernment. The difference is someone knowing astrology and someone who understands astrology. Big difference. A good reference can be found at Starself.com where there are some juicy nuggets in the archives.

Video: Astrology as a Tool for Empaths

Astrology as a Tool for Empaths

Astrology as a Tool for Empaths

Can you use astrology to navigate the energy surrounding you? Do the planets really hold any influence over you? Join me and learn the answers to those questions and how you can use astrology as a tool for empathic living!

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Ouch! Empathing Can Be A Pain


Some people are so sensitive they actually pick up and experience other people’s ailments. Thankfully for me it doesn’t happen all the time and yet it does happen. So what are you suppose to do with that?

What I’ve learned so far…. First acknowledge what’s happening.
Is this pain or illness coming out of the blue? Are you in the company of someone who has an ailment which causes the pain or symptoms you are experiencing? Second step is to breathe (slowly in, hold, and slowly out…. repeat) and relax, stop attaching and focusing on the symptom/pain, let it be there.
You are centering back into self when you let go and relax. This pulls your energy back into your own field.
The symptoms will still be felt but with much less intensity. Now continue to breathe and turn your focus inward. Still flowing, connect to your higher self. If you practise meditation you can use a simple short exercise to do this. If you don’t then try a visual exercise, imagine that you are walking down a long hallway… Through a door and into sunlight. Let yourself feel the warmth of the sun, the breeze of wind upon your face, take a deep breath, notice any scent it holds and take in the light. Absorb the light, be the light. Notice how the pain has dissipated.

The Universe of form


The universe of form is what appears outside and separate from you. You are spirit who has manifested a body from which to experience individuality. The truth however is that everything is not separate from you, but is an extension of feelings, thoughts and beliefs. When you come into form you are still connected with Divine Mind (God) experienced as higher self and are also given tools for human existence. These tools are conscious mind and ego mind. Conscious mind extends itself and manifests higher vibrational frequencies creating positive experiences. Ego mind takes your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs and projects them into the world to validate and create your experience. Everything comes into form through vibration and each feeling has a frequency and vibrational rate. Thoughts and beliefs mold it accordingly. Balance between conscious mind and ego mind is critical. Without it you are not mindfully creating but are creating unconsciously which leads to chaos and suffering.

Remember that in the universe of form although everything seems separate and outside of you it is not. It is an illusion happening to give you the experience of individual perspective. You are not separate, you are connected to everything. This is collective consciousness. It is through this that mediums, psychics, empaths and hsp’s receive information. It’s how remote viewing is possible. Ever think of someone and the phone rings with them calling? Perhaps you feel something is wrong with a child and they walk in with a scraped knee. You are intuiting the universe of form and are focused or picking up on a specific vibration.

What are the most common vibrations and their corresponding frequencies? This is a scale of emotions which is presented in Dr. David Hawkins books Letting Go and Power vs. Force.

Higher, positive frequencies:

  • Peace (600)
  • Joy (540)
  • Love (500)
  • Reason (400)
  • Acceptance (350)
  • Willingness (310)
  • Neutrality (250)
  • Courage (200)


Lower, negative frequencies:

  • Pride (175)
  • Anger (150)
  • Desire (125)
  • Fear (100)
  • Grief (75)
  • Apathy (50)
  • Guilt (30)
  • Shame (20)

Being conscious of what lies underneath every feeling will illuminate why you are attracting every relationship and situation into your life. What does experiencing that emotion give or attract for you? Is it something you really want? Are you ready to rewrite a belief system? Like attracts like! Are you ready to let go of fear to experience happiness? The fastest way to shift into a higher vibrational frequency is to first admit to the feeling, acknowledge it without judgment. Then embrace and explore it. That means no emotion stuffing you must face it and travel through it.  What is behind it? Is it a self-worth or apathy issue for example? Why are you holding that? What’s the payoff? Are you letting yourself off the hook somehow by holding that vibration? You feel okay about not stretching beyond your comfort level and extending yourself towards another goal? Ah, but if you did you would shift into the higher vibration of courage!

The scale of emotions also correlates with the chakra system. Using both you can get more specific on the details of each emotion and how you are projecting them through your energy centers and into the world surrounding you. It is in this way you draw people and situations into your life. Creating your reality to validate what you are feeling, thinking and believing and choosing to experience.

People who are highly sensitive or empaths will pick up on the collective, because you are connected with all. All of us originated from the same source and are still a part of a whole. The goal of this existence is to have the experience of individuality and then return to wholeness by giving up the illusion and waking to the truth…. You never really left source, there is no “other” only oneness.

A mass awakening is occurring, more people will find that they are tuning into vibrations of “others”. This is the first step of the return journey home. Often it is not until challenged or overwhelmed that you seek change. The highly sensitive person is learning that there is no separateness. This step leads to exploring why is this happening, how can you manage overwhelm, just what is going on? When you explore and change what is within (vibrational frequencies) the world around you changes. It must because it is only a mirror for you to experience and validate your illusionary experience of separateness. Now you can begin to create with conscious mind by extending your higher vibrational patterns. Ego mind is in balance and you are free to create heaven on earth.

Podcast: Sacral Chakra


Energetic Signatures: Sacral Chakra

Energetic Signatures are the sum total of the energy vibration you hold in each chakra center. This determines what and who you attract into your life. Understand the energy centers and learn how to shift up your vibe to draw into your life what you really want. Learn more at LynnZambrano.com





Lynn advises and trains empaths and highly sensitive people all over the world to use their gifts to change their lives and the lives of others.

Podcast: Root Chakra


Energetic Signatures: Root

Energetic Signatures are the sum total of the energy vibration you hold in each chakra center. This determines what and who you attract into your life. Understand the energy centers and learn how to shift up your vibe to draw into your life what you really want. Learn more at LynnZambrano.com






Lynn advises and trains empaths and highly sensitive people all over the world to use their gifts to change their lives and the lives of others.

Podcast: Coping Tips and Management Skills


Overwhelmed and Overstimulated


This episode offers coping tips and management skills for the empath and highly sensitive person. Practicle tools to use everyday in managing overwhelm and for creating greater comfort and ease. Please join me as I speak about coping and management.


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Lynn Zambrano advises and trains empaths all over the world to use their gifts to change their lives and the lives of others. You CAN feel better.


Ask Lynn, The Empathetic Viewpoint

Ask Lynn, The Empathic Viewpoint

Dear Lynn,

I have trouble making friends. It’s so hard to find a person with good intentions. I can’t help but see the “true” person, and look past the one they’re trying to portray. Any advice? Am I being too judgmental? Or should I just trust my feelings and intuition?  Would love to get some advice from you.

Hello fellow empath! Here is my viewpoint:

You are blessed with insight into the true feelings, emotions and intent of others. Does it make any sense to spend your energy, or invest in something or someone that cannot support your vibe or best and highest well-being? Choose people who you vibe with to be your circle of friends, your tribe. This is not being judgmental in a negative way, rather it is using good judgment.

It’s interesting how energy works. Your energy signature is unique. You are an empath and that is like having a neon sign (energetically) that says hey! Over here, let me collect the garbage (all that negativity you’re holding). What happens is others sense your mojo, your gift that makes connection to others easy, automatic.

If you aren’t able to manage your energy, and recognize what’s yours from another’s, then you risk absorbing their negative energy/emotions. They will feel great, like a weight has been lifted, and indeed it has…. because you’ve taken and absorbed it. Imagine that when you connect with a person a little tube links you to them. It’s hollow and energy/emotions travel in both directions. You could send them energy (energy vampires, right?) or absorb theirs (sponge).

There are 2 key points to this. Awareness: Which is recognizing the energy of others vs your own. There are then a couple of approaches to take. You could use shielding, to keep the energy from coming towards you. The other is to simply to acknowledge the energy/emotion as not yours and to allow it to pass through you, as the wind passes through leaves.  The energy is not absorbed but is acknowledged, felt and released.  Choice: Compassion doesn’t require that you exchange energy, to take on negative energy or emotion of others.

Healers work with this however they are trained to draw the negativity without absorbing it and to transmute it. As an active listener and with your compassionate nature, you can give those seeking your comfort relief. This is done without taking on anyone else’s energy.

Everyone carries an energy signature, an operating range that goes from low to high. However not everyone is operating on the same level. See steps on a ladder, each step is a different energy level. Every step has a range, low to high. Therefore it is important to surround yourself with those persons who are at your level, on your step. This supports you and allows you to operate toward the higher end of the energy range, bringing more comfort and also potentially attracting more prosperity in accordance with the law of attraction.

Great Question, Thank you!

Lynn Zambrano advises and trains empaths all over the world to use their gifts to change their lives and the lives of others. You CAN feel better.

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Color chameleon, the aware empath

color chameleon

Feeling vs seeing energy, how empaths perceive the aura

An aura is a colored light that emanates from all things, and is formed from energetic vibrations. It can be observed around people, animals, plants and even inanimate objects. It surrounds you in layers and is egg shaped. The aura will give you information about the energy, emotions and health of person you are focusing on. They are most commonly seen around the head and shoulders of people and around animals, and it radiates up a few inches. Auras of living beings are in a state of flux and motion, constantly changing according to internal and external stimuli, health and emotions.

Empaths are highly sensitive people that feel and connect with the energy of other people, places and animals.  A developed empath can tune in and feel energy around all things. Consider that everything is energy and the difference between one thing and of another is simply the frequency, the rate it’s vibrating. Yoda had it right, the force is everywhere, and flows through everything and empaths can train themselves into awareness, perceive and connect with this. Empaths feel energy, they connect with it and receive whatever information is contained within.  One caveat though, an empath can only translate that information according to their level of development. Just like a computer can only compute according to its operating system. Each empath has a level of development and also strengths and weaknesses (akin to personality qualities). Perhaps your level of development is quite high, does that mean you will see energy as an aura? Not necessarily, your strength may lie in the auditory realm (clairaudience), or perhaps it is in clair-cognizance (clear knowing).  Each empath is a unique individual and will express their gifts differently.  Can you train yourself to increase your perception and learn to see the aura? Absolutely, here is an exercise:

Situate the person in front of a very softly illuminated white background. A color background will change aura colors, so you need to start with white. Choose one spot to look at. The middle of the forehead is good. This is a location of so called brow chakra or the third eye. Look at this spot for 30 to 60 seconds or longer. After 30 seconds analyze surroundings with your peripheral vision, while still looking at the same spot. Continuing the concentration is important. Resist temptation to look around. You should notice that the background nearby the person is brighter and has a different color than the background further away. This is your perception of the aura. The longer you concentrate, the better you will see it. It does take practice and patience to become accomplished, try it!

There are seven auric bodies. The physical body, which encompasses body sensations, physical comfort, pleasure, and health. The etheric body, which contains emotions and how you feel about yourself.  The components of self-acceptance and self-love are found here. The vital body, which concerns the rational mind. Having the ability to understand situations in a clear, linear, logical way. The astral body, which is how you relate to others. The lower mental body is the divine within you. Alignment with the divine within enables you to make an authentic commitment to speak and follow the truth. The higher mental body connects you to divine love, and spiritual fulfillment. Finally the spiritual body which is divine mind, and the opening to serenity. Your connection to divine mind also helps you to understand the greater patterns, a universal viewpoint. This is an eagle view versus being in mouse view (only seeing what’s right in front of you).

The colors and their meanings of auras can help you assess your own energetic health and that of other peoples. Red relates to the root chakra and is powerful, energetic, sexual and passionate. If it is bright and clear it can represent your healthy ego. If it is deep Red it represents a grounded state which is based in what’s real and a strong will-power. However a muddied red relates to anger and is considered negative. A pink color which is bright and light relates to loving tenderness, and can represent a sensitive and affectionate nature. If it is a dark and murky pink though it indicates immaturity. Orange red is a bold, confident and creative energy. Orange in general represents the emotions (second chakra), of vitality and good health. Orange-yellow indicates creative intelligence.

Yellow in the aura relates to the solar plexus chakra and it is life force energy. It is the color of intelligence, manifestation, and optimism. A light or pale yellow expresses emerging psychic and spiritual awareness and growth. Green relates to heart chakra.  A healthy color of nature. This seen in the aura this represents growth and balance. This expresses a love of people, animals, and of nature. This is an aura of a teacher, healer or very social person. Yellow-green indicates a creative heart, and a communicative energy. If it is dark or muddy forest green it could represent the negative energy of jealousy and resentment.

Blue in the auric field relates to the throat chakra. A beautiful clear light blue or turquoise represents clarity in communications, possible clairvoyant ability. If it is dark or muddy blue then it expresses fear, of self-expression or fear of facing or speaking the truth. Indigo is the color associated to the third eye chakra, and represents intuition, and deep sensitivity. Violet relates to the crown chakra though some also experience a bright white light here.  It is associated with attunement with self but also the connection to the higher self, the divine. It is your visionary, idealistic, and artistic expression of the divine. Learn more on auras at thiaoouba.com and

Lynn Zambrano

Lynn Zambrano advises and trains empaths all over the world to use their gifts to change their lives and the lives of others. You CAN feel better.

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A Survival Guide for Empaths and Highly Sensitive Persons

tips fpr empaths

Survival Guide for Empaths

Empaths are very special people, and face multiple daily challenges. You connect with the energy of others sharing your space, and also your environment (through energy imprints). This can be overwhelming at times and in order to gain control and manage your own energy, a few tools can be essential. Here are some tips and techniques that have proven to be valuable assets for the empath’s toolbox. Learn how to disengage from the energy of others. How do you accomplish this? You must first know your own energy. The awareness of what is yours versus another person’s is key to this step. I suggest reading Yvonne Perry’s book, Whose Stuff Is This? This is an excellent reference book to begin learning about energy management.

A distress and relaxation space is another necessity. It can be your man cave, your reading nook, or porch swing.  It just needs to be a space where you can go to have a time out and be away from the energy of others, so you might center and recharge yourself.

Positive affirmations are also very helpful. A positive affirmation is a short sentence or two that supports positive thought patterns and can actually re-train your brain. An example, let me receive what is in my best and highest good at this time, is both raising your energetic signature and open ended.  Why is open ended a good thing? It doesn’t define, which can sometimes place limits or expectations providing an unintended consequence. What is what is the best and highest good is better than you have imagined? If you leave it open ended, it can flow right to you. I enjoyed, Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver, which did a wonderful job of breaking this down and giving more insight into how this works.

Meditation and centering are also valuable assets for your empathic toolbox. Meditation for 10-20 daily will bring profound change. Centering involves coming back to self.  Empaths connect with others and it’s like an energetic handshake.  Your energy goes out to meet and greet others, and centering brings you back into your body fully.  This allows you to align with spirit/source energy and step out of ego. Mindfulness is great for centering. Try to live in the moment and whatever emotion comes up acknowledge, express and then release it.

Forgiving others and forgiving self is one of the most powerful tools you have. It will clear your energy and raise your vibrational rate. Remember forgiveness is for your well-being the other person doesn’t need “to forgive you” for benefit. It can be a challenge to do this, however it is necessary for your growth and evolution. No one has walked this earth and not harmed, intentionally or unintentionally, another being. It is part of the human experience. So like the prayer says…forgive others and forgive yourself.

Others helpful techniques include listening to music or nature sounds.  Exercise programs will support a good energetic flow. Yoga is really good because it combines breathing with poses that encourage alignment and flow of energy. Keep your environment clear of negativity. Raise those vibes!  In your office area you can use a spritzer bottle with water and salt, or make an aroma therapy spritzer. If you use essential oils remember that oil and water don’t mix so you’ll want to add some witch hazel or alcohol to the water and oils. A cup of water, ¼ cup of witch hazel and 7-10 drops of oil. Journal the gratitude! Ending the day by writing a list of things you are grateful for in a journal and then stating an intention or affirmation keeps the positive energy flowing. LynnZambrano.com You Can Feel Better   Lynn Zambrano advises and trains empaths all over the world to use their gifts to change their lives and the lives of others.  You CAN feel better. You can contact Lynn at Zambranolynn@gmail.com