Knowing how to process emotion is a critical skill to learn. Emotion energizes thought and manifests it in the physical world. 

Living consciously takes focus and direction.

You are given the task of observing your thoughts in order to maintain a higher energetic frequency and vibration which will align you with your soul’s purpose.

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What does a session entail?

*Discuss your experience
*I will provide an intuitive reading
*Identify areas of challenge
*Personalize strategies to get you moving and flowing forward

The first consult session is approximately 1.5 hours.

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Subsequent Consult Sessions are approximately 1 hour.

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Please know that sessions are not wholly based upon time,
it’s about impact and the natural process of when your session
has run it’s course.

New? Let’s meet for 15 minutes to introduce ourselves and see if a consult is right for you.
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