Sensitive people, can use symbology, numerology, and chakras to reflect the energetic currents that are flowing.

Emotions have an energetic vibration.

When you see the emotions and beliefs which are limiting you, the reflection will present the opportunity for course correction and a new perspective.

The Major Arcana As An Introspective Tool

What I teach is not meant to instruct you on how to connect with any power source outside of yourself or to forecast the future. It is a method to give you a prompt so that you may explore your own energy field, and the beliefs and emotions you are holding.

This class uses the majors of the tarot as a prompt for introspection. Learn how you are limiting yourself so you can course correct and receive the goodness you deserve. This is a free class

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 Empath 101

This is a class that looks at how empaths are wired and why, the gift and challenges it presents along with coping techniques. ¬†It would be great if we got a manual at birth saying congratulations you’re an empath, here’s your operations manual…. but we don’t. Here are a few things that you should know to make life a little easier. This is a free class.

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Understanding Chakras

Part of the development plan for sensitive people is learning what is yours vs others. What I use as a reference is the chakra system. The chakras are energy centers that hold a frequency that correlates to your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Learning what is held in each chakra teaches you where you are vibrating (low or high), and why you take on some people’s emotions and not others. The great news is that once recognized you can shift any low frequencies by simply changing your thoughts, and looking at things from a different perspective. This class is free.

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Sensory Meditation

This FREE recording is for sensitive people and empaths. It is a sensory meditation for relaxation. Use all your senses and enjoy the journey!

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