Return to Center

Return to Center

The idea behind an energetic reset is when life presents us with many challenges, negative experiences and situations it’s really a call to center and to rebalance. To continue out of balance sets off a domino effect, which might look like illness, bad luck or relationship problems. It’s like when the washing machine becomes unbalanced, the load is not in equal distribution. This motion of spinning while in this condition, results in progressively worsening imbalance until the washer is dancing out of position.

Everything that you do has a ripple effect and is felt by others.  It ripples out and is felt on an energetic level by everyone. What difference will you make in the world? On days when energy is low and you are struggling ask yourself, do I need to take time to re balance and come back to center? The act of pausing and being aware of your mood is the first step in changing your energetics. Sometimes you just have to express emotion in order to release. Find a friend to be a supportive listener. If one isn’t available perhaps a pet can substitute. Another technique that can be helpful is exercise. This can act as a reset by taking you out of your head and into your body.  If you are artistically inclined sketching, painting or any creative project will work. These techniques act as a bridge, taking you from one vibrational level and through a creative or physical activity it allows you to flow into another creating alignment.

Breathing exercises are great if you can’t take a break and only have a little time. Take a deep breath, breathing in through the nose to the count of four… filling your lungs and abdomen with air…exhale to the count of four emptying both your abdomen and lungs of air… again, breathe in through your nose and out through your nose all to the count of four… once more breathe in through the nose… exhale through your mouth.

You can also use bath salts, sugar scrubs and essential oils to rebalance and return to center. Here are some recipes for cleansing and grounding:

Basic sugar scrub:

1/2 cup olive oil

1 cup sugar

20 to 30 drops of quality essential oils. I recommend Young Living.

Use in tub or shower. Rub onto wet skin of arms, legs, torso, neck and shoulders. Breathe in the scent. Rinse off. Then pat dry. Caution, this can make the tub/shower slippery!

Basic bath soak:

2 cups sea salt

2 cups Epsom salt

4 cups baking soda

One cup per bath, after tub is full add 10 to 20 drops of the essential oils. Do not mix into the dry ingredients.

Relax and soak for at least 15 minutes. These recipes were given to me by Dara Tegtmeier who specializes in making organic products. You may contact her for more information on these recipes or other products at

Lynn Zambrano advises and trains empaths all over the world to use their gifts to change their lives and the lives of others. You CAN feel better.

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