Ouch! Empathing Can Be A Pain


Some people are so sensitive they actually pick up and experience other people’s ailments. Thankfully for me it doesn’t happen all the time and yet it does happen. So what are you suppose to do with that?

What I’ve learned so far…. First acknowledge what’s happening.
Is this pain or illness coming out of the blue? Are you in the company of someone who has an ailment which causes the pain or symptoms you are experiencing? Second step is to breathe (slowly in, hold, and slowly out…. repeat) and relax, stop attaching and focusing on the symptom/pain, let it be there.
You are centering back into self when you let go and relax. This pulls your energy back into your own field.
The symptoms will still be felt but with much less intensity. Now continue to breathe and turn your focus inward. Still flowing, connect to your higher self. If you practise meditation you can use a simple short exercise to do this. If you don’t then try a visual exercise, imagine that you are walking down a long hallway… Through a door and into sunlight. Let yourself feel the warmth of the sun, the breeze of wind upon your face, take a deep breath, notice any scent it holds and take in the light. Absorb the light, be the light. Notice how the pain has dissipated.