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Is There An Empathic Switch ?

An emapth is able to sense energy vibrations that emanate from other people, animals and locations. You are an empath. Everyone is born with this ability. If ... read more
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The art of temperance

Temperance, The Unity of Opposites “The unlike is joined together, and from differences result the most beautiful harmony.” ~ Heraclitus. Union of opposites, an aspiration that takes ... read more
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Star Struck?

How to connect as an empath to your lucky stars “Astrology: do we make a hullabaloo among the stars, or do they make a hullabaloo down here?” ... read more
Neutral Observer

The Neutral Observer

Learning how to become a neutral observer is very important. When we have this skill in our toolbox we can easily shift our thinking and choose a ... read more
Life in a drop

Life In A Drop

Life can be truly challenging, twisting and turning so that at times you feel a loss of control. It is tempting to hold on to the reins ... read more
Change your mind

Change your mind !

Most of us have experienced a situation, reacted, and upon second reflection wished we had handled it differently.  In the moment we may be angry, frustrated or ... read more

Too Much Information ! Podcast

Overstimulated and overstressed, life in the work zone. Here are a few tips to try and decrease the overload. Listen Here….   ... read more

Creating Quality Of Life

Useful Habits That Help You Clear Your Mind Of Negative Thoughts The quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our lives.  Many of us have problems with negative ... read more