Conceptual Image With The Word Heal

Hands Off, Healer !

Hands off! The unintended consequences of healing gone awry… Healers use their gifts to help others, making a difference in many lives. They help ease other people’s ... read more
Connected + Free

Checking Under The Bed…

  I drew responsibility, transition and fear from the Connected and Free deck. What are our self responsibilities when dealing with fear. What is it that leads ... read more

Hermit Crabs

Amy my youngest daughter turns 21 in a few weeks. I had lunch yesterday with her. She is outgoing and very personable, loves to spend time with ... read more


This piece will be a gift for someone very special to me. Last year was rough for her starting out limited, with feelings of confinement. She persevered, ... read more


This is my first try at using a dremel engraving tool on wood. Mom asked for a feather design and requested blues for the background colors. I ... read more

Mind Traps

January 5, 2018 This mind wondered, what happens when the belief in guilt falls away? Well, first the self- concept fell away. This mind sometimes wonders if ... read more


Be willing to look into the shadow self 20 years ago I embarked on a spiritual path. I didn’t recognize it as such in the beginning, I ... read more
Return to Center

Return to Center

The idea behind an energetic reset is when life presents us with many challenges, negative experiences and situations it’s really a call to center and to rebalance. ... read more

Responsibility & Conflict

I used the Connected and Free Oracle drawing 2 cards for reflection. What showed up is responsibility and conflict, a great focus for us to explore. The ... read more
weighing a feather

A Just Belief

“Life on earth is a whole, yet it expresses itself in unique time-bound bodies, microscopic or visible, plant or animal, extinct or living. So there can be ... read more
What are you thinking?

Video: What are you thinking ?

What are you thinking? Thousands of thoughts come in for review everyday. What makes some powerful and other merely factoids for your internal navigation? Join me and ... read more