Be willing to look into the shadow self

20 years ago I embarked on a spiritual path. I didn’t recognize it as such in the beginning, I thought I was learning about Native American culture.  I remember I had just read “Women Who Run With Wolves” and had started reading the series of  books by Lynn Andrews.  Basically I had started my journey of spiritual awakening by reading stories of powerful women. I decided to make my own medicine shields and masks. When I did this with the help of my sister I was very pregnant with my youngest daughter Amy, who is now 20. This experience of creating then painting and decorating the masks was especially informative. I looked at aspects of self… Who was the rainbow maiden within, what did she look like, what stance did she take in the outer world? The good mother, where did she dwell, how did she manifest? Grandmother crone sits alone and yet shares her wisdom freely, all I had to do was reflect on her and listen. I made one more mask which was to represent the whole being, the face I’d show the world and on that one you can see I looked into the darkest part of self and was given illumination.  I invite you to make your mask and share your insights.