Life In A Drop

Life in a drop

Life can be truly challenging, twisting and turning so that at times you feel a loss of control. It is tempting to hold on to the reins even more tightly, though the solution is often the opposite, to surrender.  It is in surrendering that you allow divine order in, and create the space for miracles.  
Divine order permeates everything; it is the flow of the universe and amidst the seemingly chaos of life you weave the intricate web of your life experiences.

“What if God were one of us, just a stranger on the bus?”  -  Joan Osborne

What if God were all of us? What if we are all divine, drops of divinity in a pool of universal oneness? What if in your highest vibration of authentic self, wounds and all, you are a unique expression of divinity? What would that mean?  If you accept this truth then it follows that the divine is not some outside force affecting you.

“All separation, every kind of estrangement and alienation is false.  All is one-this is the ultimate solution for every conflict.” – NisargadattaMaharaj

When you see the world as separate from you, you experience ego. Ego is a tool that helps you individualize the experience of life on earth. It serves its purpose, as you are here to learn, grow, and raise your vibration. This also allows you to experience parts of yourself in the mirror of others.  It is not your true identity, it is the mundane wrapper you wear while here on earth.  If you can embrace that, then you can step into your divinity and realize that you and God are one. Oneness allows you to align with the divine order even though your mundane alter-ego won’t allow you to see the panoramic 360 degree view. You can trust in there is a reason, and that your highest and best good is served when you align with divine order and create the space for miracles.

“Thoughts are boomerangs, returning with precision to their source. Choose wisely what you throw” – Anonymous

Here you are a droplet of divine, surrounded by an ocean of divinity, how are you choosing to flow? Your thoughts and belief systems determine flow.  Are you experiencing a comfortable and prosperous flow, a whitewater type flow, a narrow a restricting flow or perhaps you’re feeling like the salmon, struggling against the flow? What determines the experience?

Your thoughts, intent, and actions do.  Your divine word becomes your law.  Energy follows your intent.  Your actions support your words and intent.

“Yes, there is another world. This is it.” – Stephen Dunn

Opening to allow miracles, flowing with the ocean of divinity, aligning with the divine requires a new way of thinking and the willingness to let go of the reins and surrender.  Very often in stating intentions and affirmations the focus remains on the desire to control.  Because there is no 360 degree panoramic view it is difficult to trust and align with divine order. Thus you might be tempted to state an intention:  I will draw the money necessary to pay for my vacation.  If you were aligning with divine order: If I am meant to go, let the perfect conditions come.  Otherwise, let me be content where I am. Can you see the difference?  

Let go and let God, trusting that whatever comes does so to serve you. You are the embodiment of the divine.  The act of releasing and trusting allows the flow to be unimpeded by the need to control the outcome.  Greatly increasing the response time!  This is true abundance, the abundance you deserve.

“The consciousness of “I AM” pulsates through the entire universe. We attract what we are” –Teresa Mann

Where your attention flows, that is where your energy goes; you receive exactly what you give. If you operate in lack mode, you are attracting lack. If you act from a place of abundance, abundance is what you will receive. Does that mean give your rent money to a charity? No, it means if you have a dollar give a dollar. Don’t operate from a place of fear, trust that your needs will always be met and give when you are inspired to give.

“So give some things away. Pay for some friend’s meal. Do whatever it takes to feel prosperous despite current appearances. Never, ever say you’re broke. If you dwell in the vibration of fear, doubt, and constriction that you will undoubtedly attract. If you insist you never have enough, the world will heartily agree. But if you let yourself be what you think you need, one way or another, it will come.” Tosha Silver, author of Outrageous Openness and expert in divine order.

Learn to shift your thinking and perceptions, align with divine order and flow through life creating and receiving miracles. Realize you are one with all, thus nothing is out of your reach. Have faith, trust, stretch, and open to receive all that is meant for you.

Tosha Silver, Outrageous Openness