Hands Off, Healer !

Conceptual Image With The Word Heal

Hands off! The unintended consequences of healing gone awry…

Healers use their gifts to help others, making a difference in many lives. They help ease other people’s pain and energy blocks helping them heal. They usually are heart centered folks who feel a calling to connect and help others, which is needed in today’s world. Many empaths will embark on this path, wanting to make a difference in the lives of others. They feel the emotions and energy of others and long to ease the denser, heavier emotions by transforming and releasing this energy. They begin learning a modality in order to facilitate their mission. Such modalities are: Reiki, Healing Touch, and Quantum Touch, Massage or any healing method that works with your energy field.

Before a healer embarks on that journey, it is important that they attend to their own energy first. Why? If they begin without mastering their own, then they will risk attracting unintended consequences. The first being, they will take on the negative energy of the people they work on, and secondly, any unhealed aspects of their own energy can be triggered by you. In rare occassions a healer holding unresolved issues can transfer this some of this energy to a empathic client. Most modalities teach the philosophies behind each method and technique, however teaching, and knowing does not mean healing. It takes a courageous soul to do the work of excavating and finding wounding, then process and heal. It often shows up in layers, and the healer must be aware as it surfaces to continue to do their own healing work.

What are the symptoms of taking on someone else’s energy? If you leave your session feeling heavier or having a mood change that isn’t lighter there is a good chance you have absorbed your healers energy. Energy healers have their own methods of cleansing their fields between clients, a sort of energy hygiene, but in some rare cases if they have absorbed another client’s energy it is possible that it could be transferred to you. Mind you, that is a very rare occurance.  It is more likely that whatever wound or negative energy your healer is experiencing may be passed to you. This has a chance of occurring if both you and your healer are empaths. If you happen to share a similar wound or energy block, you are vibrating at the same rate, it can act as interactive channel, the energy flowing both ways.

How do you choose a healer? Were they recommended to you by a friend or colleague who had a good experience? Let them tell you about their results and what the session was like. Ask questions. The healer should be happy to answer any questions about the type of healing they do and give you an understanding of how it works. Watch the healer’s body language and listen to their voice and what they are saying. If they are negative, evasive or defensive be wary. Use your intuition! When you vibe with the right healer you will know. You should feel comfortable, relaxed and safe. Be aware of how you feel before the session and after. All of us are a work in progress, no one is perfect, even healers must heal.