Creating Quality Of Life


Useful Habits That Help You Clear Your Mind Of Negative Thoughts

The quality of our thoughts determines the quality of our lives. 

Many of us have problems with negative thoughts playing in our minds, but if you are engaging with and believing in them consistently, they may be eroding your sense of self-esteem.

“Negative thoughts are fleeting and temporary; without any real power of their own.” 

Here are practical and easy to implement ways to stay on the path of positivity.

Learn to meditate as it will take away your thoughts and bring attention to your breath. Meditating is also relaxing, which can help you ease your mind. Practice this approach, “Stop. Breathe. Think about your thinking”. This way, you are more mindful of what you are thinking, and not jump to what could happen.

“Negative thinking has absolutely nothing to do with you as a person. Toxic thoughts don’t define your character, and they can’t determine your destiny.” 

Instead of always putting yourself down in your head, think of solutions to overcome your problems. Addressing your problems on a piece of paper can help you look at the bigger picture.

For example, if you are always running low on cash, draw out two columns. In the first column, scribble down issues that cause you to run out of money, and the next column, write down proof that demonstrate the contrary. With the information listed, it is easier to take the next necessary steps.

“Negative thoughts are generally a product of cognitive distortions, or irrational thought patterns. You don’t require psychotherapy or medication—you only need to observe a thought, and then watch it dissipate.” 

Whatever you believe, you will experience more of, and you will also find yourself behaving in ways that are congruent with your beliefs.

If you are having negative thoughts, recite this maxim, “This is a negative thought. I’ll observe but not engage, as it will quickly flee,”. Also you can distract your thoughts by doing things that occupy your mind.

By Izza Sofia, 09 Jun 2017