“Humanity was created to manifest consciousness in the physical, form-based world. Consciousness created the brain—not the other way around. One cannot lose consciousness because one is consciousness. We are in the middle of an evolution of our consciousness, where we can now create form without becoming identified with it. Consciousness flows through us into the world through the practice of alert awareness.” (1)

You are consciousness, you are life, and this is the truth of who you are. Be still, be present in the moment and rest in Being, void of thought, this is you. You awake in the morning, and before that first thought or that first sensation, that is your essence. However you are here in this physical world, which means you are in a body with a mind that has ego installed. What you do here, the roles you play, the job you choose, how you operate is secondary, it is your expanding or doing. Two states, Being (primary self) and doing (secondary self).

“The Three Modalities of Awakened Doing: acceptance (doing the task without resistance), enjoyment (aligning and flowing), enthusiasm (enjoyment with intensity).” (1) Presence is that state of stillness, it is the Being who is fully in the moment. “Once an individual develops a particular degree of Presence, the consciousness of all life-forms can be sensed. This global spiritual awakening is what we are now witnessing: a profound shift in planetary consciousness.” (1)

That sounds good, doesn’t it? Yet you and I are empaths, highly sensitive individuals who flow easily out and connect with the environment, other people, animals, and that biggie the collective. How does that affect you? “When negative emotions are not identified in the moment they arise, they leave pain. Without a fully conscious present adult, children are usually unable to cope with them, leaving defense mechanisms in place to adulthood. This pain-body exists in both individuals and collectives.” (1) Then there are triggers: “Some pain-bodies lie dormant until a specific situation arises that resonates with the past. When you recognize your personal triggers, arises that resonates with the past. When you recognize your personal triggers, you can know to be particularly aware of your emotional reaction when they arise so you don’t identify with it.” (1)

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