Change your mind !

Change your mind

Most of us have experienced a situation, reacted, and upon second reflection wished we had handled it differently.  In the moment we may be angry, frustrated or overwhelmed, not the best place to choose the best way to proceed. Stepping out of the moment, figuratively hitting pause allows you to center yourself, ground and see the big picture. Take the time to consider the situation carefully. What is your desired outcome? How can you best achieve that? Once you know what your desired outcome is, think of what the necessary action or compromise is needed to get it. How you decide to proceed is critical for a good outcome. In your mind’s eye play it out. Visualize the situation, the proposed action and see it unfold.  Does it unfold the way you want, is a revision necessary? Consider an alternate action plan, use the same visualization exercise, is this a better solution? This same technique can be employed for making big decisions or stopping bad habits.

Change your mindset:

  • Recognize negative thoughts:  Don’t fall into a negative pattern, learn to recognize negative thinking.
  • Be your own best friend: Learn to soften that internal critical voice
  • Perspective: Look at the situation with a bird’s eye view. Focus on the best outcome and form a solution from there.
  • Facts not fiction: Let go of the worst case scenario and base your thoughts on evidence.

Turn that though around!

Stepping out of negative into neutral.  Look at your thoughts, what do they say about beliefs and judgments.  Are they serving you? Who would you be and how would you feel if you let them go? Byron Katie wrote a wonderful book called “Loving what is”, this is an adaptation of an exercise from her book.


  • Take emotion out:
  • Re-examine the thought:
  • Look toward self (any emotion charged thought reflects a belief about ourselves]
  • Look at other (what are you reflecting)
  • Look at the opposite statement (what would that look and feel like?)

With practise you can easily shift the thoughts and beliefs you are holding.  This opens up possibilities, opportunities and will raise your vibration.  When your energetic signature raises the quality of what you attract also rises!



Byron Katie, Loving What Is