Chakra Healing and your Empath connection

Chakra healing and your empath connection

What is healing?

When you get sick you may go to the doctor. The doctor gives a name to your illness and perhaps prescribes a medicine. You may take the medicine and the symptoms of the illness may dissipate. Are you well? Medicines are wonderful and they serve to cure your illness, however that is not the same as healing. While a medicine may bring you back to the same level of functioning you had before you became ill, why did you become ill in the first place? That is where healing comes in. There was ‘dis-ease’ in your body, and it manifested as physical illness. Finding the root of that dis-ease is what healing is about. Healing is returning you to state of wholeness, your natural state of being. There are many healers who can assist your journey to wellness.

Exploring different energy modalities and trying varied healers is a good way to find what works for you. You are unique, and will find that some healers and modalities work better than others, for you. What I wish to present to you, is self-healing using the chakras. Taking responsibility for your health and healing is stepping into empowerment, and a journey that will lead you back to your true self. You are an amazing being who creates reality with thought, emotion and intention. You are a drop of divinity and powerful beyond limitation. You simply need to re-connect and re-align and remember, taking the responsibility for your own healing is the first step on the journey.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex. There are seven major energy centers in our body, each represents a center where our consciousness, and energy systems regulate our physical and emotional health through endocrine glands and a group of nerves called plexus. These chakra centers control the flow of energy and function similarly as a pump or valve would. Our thoughts, feelings and perspective directly affect this energy flow. The flow can change in response to what you are thinking and feeling. Reflecting for you as a mirror would, how you are responding to your life experiences.

Your senses, perception, awareness and all that makes it possible for you to “experience” life and the world around you is based in a particular chakra center. Remember that these chakra centers represent and correspond to your physical body, emotional body and to your mind and consciousness. When you have a symptom it corresponds to a particular chakra. It works like this: the chakra center picks up our dis-ease (meaning stress or tension) then transmits it to the part or parts of the body controlled by that nerve plexus. If you hold the dis-ease for a long period of time it will then manifest in your physical body as a symptom of illness. Here’s the personal growth opportunity; you must accept responsibility for creating the symptom/illness and manifesting it in your physical body. The symptom is only reflecting your thoughts, feelings and perceptions. The symptom is drawing your attention to the dis-ease you were experiencing, making you aware of the need to change in some aspect. When you recognize that, and are willing to work for change to relieve the dis-ease, the symptoms job is done and is ready to be released. Healing can now take place in accordance to whatever you allow yourself to believe is possible. You are creating this reality.

For an empaths this is especially important. You must become aware of yourself in order to identify what is not yours. Keeping the chakras clear and energy flowing allows you to become a clear vessel with proper energy flow. This is the point where you have set a strong foundation for your own personal growth as well as setting the stage to grow into your gifts. When you understand the chakra system and can control your own energetic flow, you can use your energy to connect and help others heal.


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