Ask Lynn, The Empathetic Viewpoint

Ask Lynn, The Empathic Viewpoint

Dear Lynn,

I have trouble making friends. It’s so hard to find a person with good intentions. I can’t help but see the “true” person, and look past the one they’re trying to portray. Any advice? Am I being too judgmental? Or should I just trust my feelings and intuition?  Would love to get some advice from you.

Hello fellow empath! Here is my viewpoint:

You are blessed with insight into the true feelings, emotions and intent of others. Does it make any sense to spend your energy, or invest in something or someone that cannot support your vibe or best and highest well-being? Choose people who you vibe with to be your circle of friends, your tribe. This is not being judgmental in a negative way, rather it is using good judgment.

It’s interesting how energy works. Your energy signature is unique. You are an empath and that is like having a neon sign (energetically) that says hey! Over here, let me collect the garbage (all that negativity you’re holding). What happens is others sense your mojo, your gift that makes connection to others easy, automatic.

If you aren’t able to manage your energy, and recognize what’s yours from another’s, then you risk absorbing their negative energy/emotions. They will feel great, like a weight has been lifted, and indeed it has…. because you’ve taken and absorbed it. Imagine that when you connect with a person a little tube links you to them. It’s hollow and energy/emotions travel in both directions. You could send them energy (energy vampires, right?) or absorb theirs (sponge).

There are 2 key points to this. Awareness: Which is recognizing the energy of others vs your own. There are then a couple of approaches to take. You could use shielding, to keep the energy from coming towards you. The other is to simply to acknowledge the energy/emotion as not yours and to allow it to pass through you, as the wind passes through leaves.  The energy is not absorbed but is acknowledged, felt and released.  Choice: Compassion doesn’t require that you exchange energy, to take on negative energy or emotion of others.

Healers work with this however they are trained to draw the negativity without absorbing it and to transmute it. As an active listener and with your compassionate nature, you can give those seeking your comfort relief. This is done without taking on anyone else’s energy.

Everyone carries an energy signature, an operating range that goes from low to high. However not everyone is operating on the same level. See steps on a ladder, each step is a different energy level. Every step has a range, low to high. Therefore it is important to surround yourself with those persons who are at your level, on your step. This supports you and allows you to operate toward the higher end of the energy range, bringing more comfort and also potentially attracting more prosperity in accordance with the law of attraction.

Great Question, Thank you!

Lynn Zambrano advises and trains empaths all over the world to use their gifts to change their lives and the lives of others. You CAN feel better.

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