3 of Swords


Are you experiencing any emotional entanglements? Join me for the 3 of swords and become aware of any confusion you are holding in your energy signature.

Highly sensitive people and empaths feel energy, emotions and sometimes the physical symptoms of others. You spend much time doing the energetic handshake (reaching out and merging with others’, energy) it’s hard sometimes to differentiate what’s yours and what’s not. What’s in your own field, and what energetic signature ( energy + thoughts + beliefs) are you holding?

Join me as we explore the shadows of the unconscious mind using tarot as a tool for introspection. Highly sensitive people, and empaths can use symbology, numerology, and chakras to reflect the energetic currents that are flowing and the energetic signature you are holding. Observe the feelings and beliefs which are limiting you, and the reflection will offer the opportunity of course correction and a new perspective.

I’m using The Wild Unknown Tarot deck and guide book for this series (http://thewildunknown.com),however any card deck with symbology and/or keywords will work, Angel Cards or Color Wisdom Cards for example. You can even create your own using index cards, just write a keyword and assign a chakra to guide your introspection. This exercise is not to connect with any power source outside of yourself or to forecast the future. It is an exercise to give you a prompt so that you may explore your own energy field, and the beliefs and emotions you are holding. Once recognized you have to ability to course correct, change your mind, empower yourself and live with greater ease.

Lynn shows empaths, intuitives and highly sensitive people how to identify and bring balance to the energy and emotions they feel, so they can heal and find joy and peace.

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