Intuitively Create

It’s a practice of meditation, releasing attachments, judgements and opening to make space for creation and spiritual awareness.

Connected And Free Oracle Cards

Support levels:

10.00 donation:

I’ll pick a card (used as a focus word) for the intuitively created piece of the month and all patrons pledging 10.00 and up will be entered to win this piece which will be matted.

20.00 donation:

I’ll send you a pdf of the worksheet inquiry with inner guidance and responses I used to facilitate this months intuitive creation and entry into the monthly drawing.

40.00 donation: limited 20

I’ll pick a card and use it to create a unique postcard watercolor which will be matted and ready to frame (or to send). You get that piece, plus you’re entered into the monthly drawing, and you get the pdf as well.

This project will supply me with materials and insights needed to create an intuitive art inquiry workbook for others who wish to explore the connection of intuition and the inner terrain of self.

You are welcomed to email or talk with me.

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